Which One To Choose For Development : A Freelancer Or A Development Company

This is one of the toughest decision that you should proceed with utmost care with full responsibility . When we are actually taking about mobile app development , then it involves a set of process like UI/UX designing , visualising of result of your future campaign , testing the ability of your app to make money with it and at the same time targeting right customer who will use your app – all these approaches can’t be reached with a Freelancer as they are individual person , rather a team will always perform better .

But as the title of page describe that this article is about comparison between the two , let us explain you which choice is the right one and the reason behind it .

Team Issue

In order to get the best result in app development process , a mobile app development company with different expertise of professionals will surely give you result beyond your imagination . Company : A app development company will provide you with dedicated resources who will purely work on your project till the time your project gets finished . Moreover , if you want your app to be delivered early , they will have a more resources who can work on your project with a backup team always standing in their bending in case someone does not appear . Freelancer : Suppose you have hired some sets of freelancer having different technical background and is located at different countries . What do you think ? Will that work for you ? They all have a different sets of mind , will work as per their time zones  . One of the toughest task while dealing with freelancers are to solve the challenges which arises during the developmental process . In short freelancers are all alone and they will never come up with great result that will fulfil your market goals .


Have you ever thought if any things goes wrong after deliver , who will be responsible for it ? A freelancer will obviously never going to bear any kind of responsibility and that will surely be the dead end of your campaign . Company : Will surely take all the responsibility for specified time period in order to maintain their reputation and be on the top list of customer satisfaction . Freelancer : They are not working under any company , and hence they might be busy doing their personal work , and thus will not care about their level of responsibility .

Attitude To Your Project

 A app development is a time taking process and if your want your app to be developed in a runway , it will not give you a quality . Company : The end app will add on to their portfolio and hence they really bothers about the end result . Freelancer : Will always be in hurry to finish your project , get their working paid and move on to next project .


There should always be a supervisor who should pre check the codes before delivering of the application . Right from our childhood we were always been in a society where we have been guided by some supervisor for our right and wrongs , and same is the process in app development . Company : A company consist of person with different skill sets guide by a team leader who will quality check your app before its final delivery . For you will be ensured that every resources working on your project is under your control and each one of them is following the quality guidelines . Freelancer : A freelancer has a general believe that they are the leaders of their own mind and they don’t want any tutors . As a result the product delivered will be delivered single minded in which you may lack certain approaches .


No one during the development process will remain untouched with the issue that arises during process , and you will definitely need to ask with developers in details about the same . Company : Will have a set of time in which they will be online to help you as they are professionals who work under one roof in one time . Freelancer : Is almost next to impossible to reach them .


Undoubtedly choosing a company will also add on value to your app. But these does not mean freelancer are bad specialist , they are specialist in their own home . But when we are considering app development , choosing a company is the one which will do .

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How Important Is Testing In Software Development

We need to focus primary on two things before launching any product in the market . The first one being the customer who are being targeted as user of product , and secondly has the product been tested throughly in the market ? The former is usually completed even at the earlier stages of the ideation process . But product can’t be launched without undergoing with the proper testing . the product development usually takes time more or less the same as custom software development , what what to be focused on it testing as integral part of stress .

Why Testing Being An Important Factor ?

Lets look at some of the points below to understand the important of testing in product lifecycle development .

Impact On Brand Image

Brand and image of organisation takes over year to build . Assume if you have purchased a product after reading the features it has been promised of , but later on after purchasing you have been found with silly mistakes and lack of major testing in the product ! Will you continue using it ? Obviously not .

No one wants to pay for the product that does not work the way it had been promised to . In fact you are building trust and reputation on the basis of product you are offering and no company wished that product to malign it .

Debugging : Testing Does More Than It

Although we agrees that testing does debug of software . But tester job is beyond just debugging . A tester should also take care of the usability of the software according to customer in comparison with other competitors in the market . In addition to it tester should also ensure that is the product is able to give ideal solution for the problem it intends to solve .

Efficiency In Development Cycle

Testing hands by hands during the developmental cycle also aids in reduction of time from development to launch , and why will company will not wish the same !

Cost Of Fixing Defects

It always act as a cost saving approach if the defects in the software has been well identified during initial developmental process itself . Once the apps goes into production the cost to big a even a little bugs will be substantially higher .

How Should Testing Be Done ?

A tester should always think beyond just debugging the nightmares in the software . Tester should work in unbiased way that can think of more on the way of customer centric approach . He also needs to take care of what if approach if someone break into the code . A best testing team is known to be the independent team sitting apart from the development team as both of the teams can have enough time to work on their projects . A good tester is known to be one who does not leaves testing even a minor things and basic requirement .

Nightmares That Could Have Been Avoided

There are plenty of examples wherein company has to bear heavy expenses and legal proceedings just because of a minor bugs in the software . We all are aware than in 2018 a famous car dealer Toyota recalled 400,000 Prius models for defects in anti lock breaking system . Toyota has to pay 3 million dollar to settle the dispute . If the testing would have been done on time , company could have save this deflation and lawsuits .

At Winklix , we have a team of tester who can be your partner in need in your software developmental process . Apart from it we are also leading software development company who can product you with amazing software development . Contact us to consult with our experts now .

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Why To Choose Ionic FrameWork To Build Your Next App

If you are just stepping into app development world , then you Mau come across with variety of question which comes before developmental process to start , and one of the best question being asked is which platform to choose to start the app developmental process .  Although there are plenty of them available in marketplace but in this article we are restricting our decision considering Ionic Framework .

Ionic framework facilitates usability of combination of programming languages like CSS , HTML5 and Javascript . With the combination of all these you can get your desired app with better user interface for your targeted audience .

Now lets look at some of the reasons why Winklix think you should use Ionic framework for developing your app :

One Code For All Platform

A coder has to write a single code for the app to be launched in all the platform , which is usually not the case in case of native mobile app development which will take more time to build and have to be build for that specific platform  . Assume if you are launching your application on Android only , then there me be a chance that a iOS user will not be accessible of your app and you may be loosing the customers of iOS .

Ionic framework gives you opportunity of launching the app across all platform with ease .

Ionic Framework Is Free To Use

Its Free !! This is probably the best feature that ionic framework offers . Right from developmental process to launching ,marketing and branding – it is quite expensive process . Usually it has been seen that any frameworks will cost you around $ 1000 , while ionic framework is free which can obviously  going to ease some of the burden . It might also be a case that even if are not sure of using it , you can atleast give it a try as it is free .

The User Interface Is Awesome

If you are looking for beautiful app to attract more number of users , then probably ionic framework is the best way to go with . Ionic uses a combination of CSS and Javascript which is used in combination with Angular JS which gives you awesome button , menus , colour scheme to choose from thereby giving you cutting edge application outlook .

Base FrameWork Of Ionic Is Angular

Angular as we all developers might have heard is a very popular platform for building both web and mobile applications .  So even if you are not familiar with Angular programming language , after working on this framework it will add on to your skills and with also enhance you to deliver web application to with the help of this framework .

Ionic User Cordova Plugin

What is plugin ? Plugin are piece of code coded in Javascript which facilitates multiple functioning of the application which is bit closer to native language of the platform . Cordova plugin facilitates using of feature such as geo location , accessing camera and battery of mobile phone and so on . Hence in short we can say it gives optimal working app .

Huge Community For Ionic Framework

Programming is a tough task and it becomes harder when you are a fresher in your field . Both Ionic and Angular has a large community of active user which can help you throughout your app developmental process . If you search on social media platforms , you can even be able to find even the founder of Ionic framework is there to help you as their primary aim is to help user to create perfect app .


From this article you must have a variety of reasons to try working on this framework . You must try it once for sure , as it is free . Go give it a try atleast once to explore the hybrid world of apps .

So are you looking for ionic app developers? Winklix has a strong team of ionic app developers that can deliver you an awesome mobile application .

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Fixed Cost Vs Hourly Cost : Which One To Consider For App Development ?

Whenever anyone takes a decision of moving ahead with mobile app development , the very first factors that strikes people mind is the cost of developing the app . But even before going ahead with the app development , have you ever thought of the full defined features that will be present in your would be Mobile application ?

Especially when you are budget constraint , you have to predefine the features to get the exact cost estimate of developing a product .

But inspite of taking into consideration various factors , an app development company or app developers will unfortunately not be able to provide you with exact exact figure of app development cost . As the pricing of the app development depends on various variable elements such as man-hours to be spent , whether a company or freelancer has been choose by you for an app development , on which platform you want your app , ie Android or iOS , do you want the app on Hybrid or Native , technical’s aspects , the location of the development team and so on .

In addition to it , in case you are planning to key in some more features in your app ( which is the usual case with most of us ) which is beyond your predefined scope of work , you have to pay more for the add on features .

We are all aware that when talking about the app development industry , most of the companies follow dual pricing model :

  1. Fixed price model
  2. Hourly price model

Fixed Price Model

The fixed price model is best suitable if you have a pre defined scope of work . App development company will give you a fixed cost with predefined timeline with almost no scope in alternation of the project .

In this model , app idea , implementation of features and functionalities , platform on which app needs to be developed on are all well defined in advance . This is specially the case with the project which are small and have low budget . So it is not the touch task , even a small team will be able to accomplish it easily .

But you have to always keep in mind that in fixed price contract do not expect a single , I repeat ” not a single ” change in terms and condition of the contract under any circumstances .

However the biggest cons of this model is you are more concerned about your budget in comparison to what you are getting as a product in terms of quality , which may also results in failure  .

Essential Features Of Fixed Cost Agreement

  • The budget and timeline to complete the app is predefined in advance with mutual agreement between developer and client .
  • The development team knows in advance how to mould the app to give it a highly polished shape and they will focus on app UI designing accordingly .
  • You are not allowed to change the features later on , probably not in any case .

Situation When Fixed Price Cost Work Best

  • When you are planning to launch a simple app without any complexity .
  • You have a limited budget and no other alternatives can be chosen .
  • You are planning a Minimum Viable Product or App Prototype to test your app idea

Hourly Pricing Model

A hourly pricing module as the name denotes is based on the manta of hourly pricing . The hourly cost varies from region to region and from one company to another . For instance say you have hired a single resource in some app development company for 600 hours , and their hourly rate of what they are charging is $ 25 per hour , then you have to pay $ 15000 to them which is multiplication of $ 25 and 600 hours . The hourly rate or we can say Time and Material Model is preferable for clients who have a vision to make the app with demand on the go , rather than predefining everything in advance . As you have hired freelancer or company on hourly basis . As you have hired as per your flexibility , you are most welcome to share your suggestions together with using their expertise knowledge on improving the overall quality of product . The best thing being you can always add on more features as per your convenience .

Essential Features Of Hourly Pricing Model

  • The pricing depends on working hours and rates they charge as per their skills .
  • The price is not fixed in advance , so it can be higher or lower as per your requirement .
  • Not only cost , but timeline of the project is also flexible .
  • Client and developer both can give their valuable inputs from time to time for addition as well as removal of any unnecessary features .

Situation When Hourly Price Cost Work Best

  • The hourly rate approach works best when you have a clear app idea and you are not sure about validating it .
  • When you have a really complicated project with not pre defined requirement .
  • When you directly want to get involved with project and desire to know how developers are proceeding with given task .

Fixed Cost VS Hourly Rates : The Conclusion

We have discussed in details about the two popular pricing models that almost all app development companies follows in present scenario . Every model has their own pros and cons . If you are choosing a fixed price model , you might get a quality comprimisement and not any further scope of changes . Alternatively choosing hourly basis model will always be on higher side in terms of pricing but you can get your product as desired .

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Cost Of Developing App Like Spotify

For a company who was a startup in 2008 to more than 100 million active subscriber in 2018 – Spotify is one of the more popular apps for music streaming that we are using for . As the trend of the smartphones is increasing , demand for the apps like Spotify is also increasing . The most common question that is being asked in this app development of app like Spotify is what is the total cost of developing a music app like Spotify . With the apps like Spotify , it has been made possible to stream and listen songs even without downloading it . This article is restricted to the estimate cost of developing an app like Spotify so we will start with our discussion on the same .

How Does Spotify Work ?

Spotify is music streaming and social sharing app that let users to stream music online which is currently offering its services in more than 60 countries . It has been developed by mobile app developers keeping in mind the demand of the users. Currently Spotify has more than 30 billion songs stored on their server which can be streamed online . That’s not all , if you have buy their paid subscription you can even download the song in your phone and can play without an internet connection .

Benefits Of Providing Online Music Streaming Services

It is obvious that you will be in need of mobile app development company for creating a music streaming app . Some of the major benefits being :

  • Quick access to all songs library
  • Unlimited storage
  • Social engagement
  • Easy affordability by user

Since Spotify charges a very less fees per month by user , user can easily afford their paid services and can avail benefits of using the app as premium subscriber .

Factors That Helps Deciding Cost In Developing Music Streaming App Like Spotify ?

  • Planning for the desired features in the app
  • Finding the right mobile app development company
  • Technology you want to develop your app
  • Developing features


Before starting the developmental process of your app , market analysis about your competitor apps , proper planning of the project is what needs to be fixed at the initial stages before processing further . The main aim of any app owner is to attract more and more users . So deeply understanding your user requirement and cooking the app as per the requirement of the user is important factors . So always keep an eye on the interest of your targeted user in respect to their interest , age , location and customise the features as per their taste and needs .

Finding Mobile App Developers :

After freezing with the features of music app , you have to move ahead with the next step of choosing an mobile app developer or mobile app development company . Their rates depends on the location , type of companies they are , location of the company and so on . Searching developers as per your pockets is best option . Its always beneficial to pre check their portfolios and past experience in creating suck kind of apps before and the most important being is the company is reputed one by quickly checking the user response .

Deciding Platform On Which App Needs To Be Launched

The 2 most used platform in the world being Android and iOS . The costing factor also depends on these factors to the large scale specially when you are willing to launch a native mobile application . Alternatively Spotify SDK is also available for both the platforms that can make easier for the developer to make fully features app like music streaming .

Technology Factors

This factors helps in deciding the cost of the app to large extent . When you have chosen Hybrid platform then the cost will be obvious half in comparison with the nativemobile app development as in native  app development company needs to employ more resources for your app .

Developing Features


Spotify offers a freemium feature to its user in which user can sign up by email or even by social media like Facebook and can play streaming of songs online . But if user want to download the songs in their phones and get advertisement free app then Spotify offers a paid monthly subscription to its user . This feature will take 20 hours for front end and 16 hours for backend development .

Music Streaming

In streaming  developers usually develops the platform is a way that audio is delivered in small packets of the data which is buffered into device and played instantly . So the whole file will not get downloaded instantly in one go . Developers have to still work in a way that user can stream songs without any interruption . Time require for simple MVP : Frontend : 70-80 hours Backend : 60 hours

Search & Share

In Spotify user even search for the desired songs he wanted to listen . The MVP needs about 60 hours for front end and 50 hours for backend . The share of songs link with app is also a great features will be require additional 5 hours for each platform to develop and 60 hours in backend .


Playlist offers personalisation services in respect to any special occasion or while partying with friends or family .User can set up their own music collection with their friends with social sharing features . Front end : 50 hours Back end : 80 hours

Offline Mode

This is the most liked feature by user relying on which they can be converted into a paid customer .Offline features facilitates user with streaming of the songs even when you are not connected with the internet . Songs are stored in local storage of the device which can be accessed from the app only. Front end : 50 hours Back end : 30 hours

Approximate Cost

As per the above discussion to develop an app with MVP it will take approximately 600+ hours in relation to which the cost may start from $ 20000 . It may increase or may even get doubled depending on the add on features as required from time to time .

Still have some question ? Consult us to expert free expert advic

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Help Desk Software : How Actually Is Customer Getting Benefit Out Of It

Customer satisfaction is first and foremost priority in building a good relationship with customers . So in order to maintain stronger relationship and business treats its customer as a king . One of the quickest and best way to satisfy the customer is quickly addressing their concern and queries upto their satisfying level .

Help Desk software facilitates receiving , logging and allocating tech issues to the relevant department in the organisation with ease . So if we are considering the end point , customer will get their issue solved with the help of right techie person of required department  who has been allocated by automatic ticketing system . The presence of ticketing component allows raising , tracking and allocating of ticket together with keeping a track of the resolution in timely manner .

In order to achieve all these things , company can choose help desk software that best suits their needs . Some of the types of Help Desk software are :

  • Ready-made solutions which are already experts in handling customers like Freshdesk .Such solutions are less expensive as they come on the basis of monthly subscription but at the same time will offer you less flexibility .
  • Add on modules in your existing CRM software. For instance you are using salesforce , you can easily purchase salesforce service cloud in order to store all customer information in one place .
  • Custom help desk solution that best suits the enterprise needs . A software development company can facilitate them with highest level of satisfaction by developing solution as per the tailor needs of the organisation .

Advantages of Help Desk Software

  • Fast response time : As soon as a ticket is raised by the customer support department on request of customer , it will be automatically allocated to the concern department for faster resolution process . This implies to the customer directly that company is serious about proving  excellent customer services even after sales . Setting the priority on the basis of customer requirement helps solving the same on priority basis
  • Brand Creditability : Help desk software helps improving brand recognition . Many of the companies outsource their support services which does not make sense and at the same time customers does not feels personalisation while interacting with your organisation .Because of this reason business is personally willing to address consumer problems thereby aids in increasing brand creditability .
  • Accessibility : Most of the help desk software are now based on web based technology which are easily accessible through phone or computer with working internet connection and web browser irrespective of the geographical location .With help desk ticketing software , all tickets are uploaded in one single unified platform and can be tracked and solved from any place .
  • Automatic Allocation Of Tickets : As soon as ticket is raised , it will get automatically allocated to the specified department , thereby eliminating cumbersome task and paperwork , labour dependencies and more . Tech department are also not getting frustrated and will be getting time to solve the issues .
  • Centralised Database : User has a separate portal online to raise their tickets in a more convenient manner according to their level of priority . Ticket can be stored , viewed , edited and closed once they are resolved in flexible and structured way . The same portal which is already equipped with all customer database can help convey messages in case of any breakdown or site downtime . The centralised repository of customer ticket data is highly secured .

In Conclusion

Help desk software is the best tool which makes life of the technical staff as well as customer easier with automated systems . Implementing these systems in enterprise in timely manner aids in better result and better customer services

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Tips To Design Perfect App Logo

One of the major factor that influences buyer to download the app and increase app ranking factor is visuals of app ( of what app looks like ) . On the basis of the quality of the visuals have been displayed on app page , user will take the decision of either downloading it or rejecting it .

So visuals should be designed in such a way that it imprints a remarkable dot in users mind . When we are talking about visuals it includes app logo , screenshots of the apps , introductory video and more .

Undoubtedly from all of the above visuals elements of your app , app icon plays an important role . Your app icon will make the whole impression of your app when your user first see the app . The attractive app icon is known to be the one which is unique with high end graphics , easily recognisable and at the same time communicate the core functionality of the app . And that is the path that we follow for all our mobile app development projects .

Let’s quickly look at few of the tips that can help you in optimisation of your app icon and increases number of downloads .

Making App Stand Out Of Crowd

Thinking of creating a design that should come from heaven and will have the capability of storing thousands of heart . This is not as simple as that.

If you actually want to be shine on the top of the mountains where millions are already present , then keep in mind it is not an easy task . You have to choose the perfect combination of colour scheme and design in a way that it stand out and at the same time reflects your brand . Sounds hard , doesn’t it ? It actually is .

Don’t go messy with app design that may deliver an unpredicted result . So make it simple with denoting your purpose of app .

Go For Minimal Design

Adding to many elements on app icon will not impress user . As per Winklix approach , making combination of max 2 or 3 colours to design an app logo is always advisable  . Always try designing an app logo that denotes your purpose of your mobile application with minimum elements possible .

Keep Logo Design In Accordance With Branding

When we are talking about branding , users are getting emotionally and physically attached with your brand for all their needs that your brand fulfils . Your app icons must so the same .

Your app icon colour combination and taste should go with your brand . If you are in process of developing your brand then always keep in mind to use the same colour scheme in both website and app in order to emotionally connect with the user . Once you have made a stronger connection , user will be able to easily find you .

Always Make Sure It Is Scalable

Your app will be represented in the App Store in various places of which your app icon will be shown in different sizes according to the needs . So always design your app icon inn a sense that it looks great in app shape and sizes .

Usually it has been seen that app which has been loaded with too many elements usually looks awkward when app icon is usually seen tiny .

App icon is probably the very first thing that our mobile app developers do even before conceptualising your app icon .

Testing With Different Backgrounds

Usually user have their own personalised themes with different colour combination installed in their phone . So always keep in mind to give your app icon a colour combination that would look fine with majority of colours .

Testing your final app design is important process , so always handle with care the app UX and design .


So your app icon should be most eye catchy one as it will denotes the entire business existence of your App Store design. Always design your app icon keeping in mind the user choice which can convenience user to try your app .  To design your next mobile app development project , consult Winklix , the leading mobile app development company .

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Overview Of Angular JS

Are you a developer using Angular JS ? Is it Angular 1 or Angular 2 ? Curious of knowing what are the benefits of using Angular and how it can make your development easier ? Let’s look at what is Angular , and what it exactly means for you as a software developer .

What Is Angular ?

Angular was developed late in 2009 , which was earlier being used in basis HTML tag for complex projects . With the use of Angular framework , designer are able to create dynamic content for web application with ease . One of the largest technical giant Google has used this technology for getting feedback from the user , and that was the time it has gained huge popularity. It has became popular to the stage that currently more than 1.5 million developers are actually using it for developmental purposes . It was the year 2016 , when Angular 2 was being release thereby breaking the limitation of Angular usability till web browser only , and thereby leveraging other libraries for increased versatility . Now the question that must have raised in your mind must be is Angular 1 has become obsolete technology . The answer to the question is NO . Obviously Angular 2 is always considered as superior technology , but both Angular 1 and Angular 2 is maintained by google and developers have no restriction on using any one of them as their preferred choice . Google is acting as a daddy and a caretaker of the Angular platform . But since it is open source framework , public also contributes a lot to this library .

Why Use Angular ?

There are plenty of benefits of using Angular . Angular facilitates you with ready to use templates which can be customised according to your needs in your app development process . You can add your own extensions for add on functionality or can choose the extensions which has been made by other public and is easily available , which is exactly the way that you will be doing in your own app development process with any other technology . The best part is when you are done with the customisation , Angular turns those templates into fully functional Javascript code . Another benefit being this framework help you identify your errors instantly , and will give you viable feedback to help you fix the problem . Another major benefit being code reusability , and thereby speeding up your developmental process . At the same time it also support with all platform support without even worrying about compatibility issues . Angular is versatile technology which can be used for developing anything . It can help building awesome native mobile app , dynamic web apps , desktop app for windows and Mac and more . So we can say gone is the time which it is being used just for the collection of data forms , now it can be used for developing almost anything. So Angular is fast , reliable and facilitates with code reusability . It also helps developer to develop almost everything . If you are involved in app development , it is probably the best option to choose from . Want to develop your next big Angular JS app ? Hire Winklix – Angular JS web development company .

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MongoDB Brief – A New Age Database

MongoDB is the latest database introduced for developers which is also known as NoSQL database .  The database are stored as specified documents within a collection and not like in rows and columns as found in traditional databases . JSON and BSON are being used by MongoDB to store the data .

Developers find it extremely simple to learn and use due to its open source nature which aids data maps models objects in application code . The storage of information in MongoDB is done by MongoDB query language . The best part is in this database system , documents are self described . New fields can be added in database without even touching the existing collection , and thereby it has the ability to store even a complex structure and arrays .

MongoDB has a concept of ACID translations , collections , documents , fields , secondary index , embedded documents and aggregation pipeline .

The developers has recently launch MongoDB 4.0 which is fully equipped with graded security and management tools .

MongoDB Unique Feature :

  • MongoDB has the capability to build application faster and even manage the important data , differentiating various data types in a more effective manner .
  • It helps in building even a complex application with ease . MongoDB defines its document map  as per the latest technology with using object oriented programming language .
  • MongoDB has also the unique ability to remove even a complex relational mapping(ORM) which converts objects in code to relational table .

Benefits Of Using MongoDB :

  • NoSQL means no data governance
  • Capability of handling even a complex data
  • Documents are flexible
  • Documents are natural
  • It makes application response time faster
  • Proprietary extensions
  • Schema rigidity

So in order to learn MongoDB , one need to move step by step from relational database to MongoDB. One has to differentiate between relational and document data model and implication of schema design . When this happens , you are all ready to use simple and more secured database

So in case you are looking for software development company who can give you full stack developer experience , you can contact us for your project development .

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Top Performing Sector In App Development Industry

With the continuous advancement in world of tech , making online presence in the world of internet is one of the best way to attract more and more customers . At present time the trend has developed to build the brand value and offering your services and providing values to customers online . As the online business is growing , parallel growing is mobile application industry .

As per the reports of 2017 , Google Play store alone consist of 2.8 million application together with 2.2 million application present on Apple App Store . In order for a mobile app development company to stay ahead in the race , they have to be mandatory equipped with the latest trending technologies in app development industry .

This article is written by Winklix to tell you the top performing sectors in the app development industry , and trends to be taken into consideration by top mobile app development company .


Connecting a physical  device with internet is referred as IoT . Its important to understand the importance of IoT in connection of various devices in your network .It is additionally conceivable to join a blockchain based decentralized work processes for a prompt and believed trade of significant worth that can interconnect crosswise over incongruent ERP frameworks, supply chains and different associations that takes into consideration quick and trust trade of significant worth. This is one specific motivation behind why IoT will command the web based business division too.

Cloud Computing

Your application whether it is web or mobile based will not be categorised into real application if you are not taking the advantage of cloud . It is because of the existence of the cloud that applications like Netflix and Instagram exist . The present of AWS and Google Cloud server has made cloud computing more flexible and easy for business owners to execute its models  . This has given rise to new breed in the technology and thereby giving various opportunities to business organisation . Rise in the AR/VR technology has increased the demand for cloud technologies to the next level .

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

With rise in the trend of google voice and Amazon Alexa voice assistant devices , it could be clearly seen that the focus revolves around artificial intelligence . Cloud computing and IoT are just power components contributing to the raise of artificial intelligence . We have already seen the first wave of AI in smart home appliances and other appliances . However technology company , and among them most importantly mobile app development company have to take care of tech holds with utmost care as AI technology will be capable of handling majority of your operation related to your phone .

Wearable Devices

Wearable devices such as smartwatches have impact in immediate days of tech to come . It has made possible to eliminate the need of looking every time on the phone screen . AI as a latest technology will also be implemented with wearable devices in the near future .


Winklix with having years of experience and commitment towards developmental practises , have helped to caters the versatile needs of our clients to the topmost satisfactory level . We are full equipped with best team of softwares development capable of handling any latest technological challenges like IoT , wearables , AI and MI and more . So if you are looking for some software development company for seeking a new touch in your existing application or have a demand of a new product , get in touch with Winklix and business analyst who can guide you with best practise in app development .

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